False translation of Quran

To accept that man is a “vicegerent” of Allah is to promote nothing less than blasphemy. Vicegerency of Allah wrongfully implies the creation of a Vice-Allah or Vice-God to represent Allah, in the absence of Allah. Allah is Omnipresent, always near and never absent.

Because Muslims have accepted these distortions into the meaning of the Quran, along with non-Muslim translators, beginning with their inclusion of Jews and Christians and Jesus in the translations and interpretation of the Quran, they have aligned themselves with Christianity in opposition to the Quran

Allah has designed Religion, or Deen, or Way of Life, or Law, or Legislation, for Worship of Allah Only. Allah gives to Himself alone the right or authority to be worshipped or to legislate for mankind. When men create laws or legislate by their own whims and fancies and not in accordance with the Quran, they set themselves up as Gods in derogation of Allah.

When Muslims accept the authority of such Gods, in defiance of Allah, they worship these false Gods as Partners to Allah.

Allah permits the “of-necessity” allowance “but not through wilful disobedience” but the Muslim must struggle to free himself from being a slave (abd ) or worshipper of false Gods who impose their legislation on him.

Allah tells us in the Quran of Isa al Masih stating that he did not say what he was not authorized to say, that he did not tell men to worship him and his mother as Gods in derogation of Allah. He did not legislate outside of the Injeel of the Messiah.

When Muslims say that Rasulullah (pbuh) authorized that the adulteress be stoned to death, contrary to what the Quran (The Final Revelation) teaches, then these Muslims are setting up prophet Muhammad as a Rival to Allah and as a false God. It may well be for this reason that Muslims were called Mohammedans since Christians are so called because they preach the Gospel and the Epistles of Jesus Christ instead of the Injeel.

Many Muslim scholars support the stoning to death for adultery as legislation of the prophet Muhammad outside of the Quran and contrary to Quran, and they claim to find justification for this in Hadith.

Adultery in Islam requires four witnesses, but in the absence of these witnesses both parties are allowed to swear by Allah etc. etc. Allah commands that adultery can lead to greater sin.

It is the greatest of sins to give partners to Allah as much as it is to judge by other than the Quran.

Let those who trust put their trust in Allah. Never said I what I had no authority to say.

No man alive today or those who lived during the days of the Revelation of the Quran and up until today, had or has the authority to override Quran, and Muslims who do so or who condone such behaviour are guilty of Shirk.

” “Say! It is not for me of my own accord to change it. I follow naught but what is revealed unto me. If I were to disobey my Lord I fear the penalty of a Great Day. Say! If Allah had so willed I should not have rehearsed it to you, nor would He have made it known to you.” Quran 10: 15-16

Mankind has taken more than 1400 years, with 20th. Century technology and University scientists and research resources, to begin to unravel the simple scientific information contained in the Quran about:
” Human Embryonic Development,
” Mountains,
” The Origins of the Universe,
” The Cerebrum,
” Seas and Rivers,
” Deep Seas and Internal Waves, and
” Clouds.

The prophet (pbuh) was quite illiterate, but had he been the most educated man in the World, he would still have been unable to understand the meaning of probably more than half of the knowledge contained in the Quran.

It is no small wonder then that there isn’t one single Hadith that reports the prophet’s scientific explanation of any one of the above topics.

None of those who reported having heard the prophet say, so and so and so, were able to elaborate on anything scientific. The prophet lacked the knowledge and the authority and they lacked the knowledge, and no one was able to understand the scientific information contained in the Revelation that is the Quran, not even the enemies of the Messenger, hence the lack of such Hadith being documented, since none could have invented such sayings. Such information would surely have silenced the critics and enhanced the credibility of the prophet and his companions, but Allah is the Exalted in Power, the Wise.

None of the prophets had the authority to explain the Message, and they had no reason to, since they spoke the same language of their respective people to whom they were sent. They all simply brought the Message and lived the example of the Message: Worship none but Allah.

Muhammad (pbuh) spoke to his companions with this Message from Allah, and the Message, the Quran therefore commands obedience to Allah and the Messenger, not that the Messenger should be obeyed separately, or that he was allowed to legislate on his own, but that the obedience must be to the Message and therefore to Allah and His Messenger. In the absence of the Messenger, the obedience is to Allah and the Quran, for which the Messenger is remembered, but the Messenger is dead and absent and therefore no longer speaks to his people or to those who accept Islam and the Quran.

To make the prophet present in speech as if he never died is to immortalise the man in a racist form of worship. To speak of obeying the Messenger, who died close to 1400 years ago, through hearsay reports that had no Divine authority, some of which override Quran, is again nothing short of Shirk and blasphemy

Muslim scholars speak about the chronological significance of certain verses of the Quran and their relation to certain events, yet they refuse to address the chronological significance of the life of the prophet, and they choose to refer to him as an immortal and still present with the Quran, in order to justify Hadith that compete with or override Quran, and in order to satisfy the lust for power by kings and emirs and scholars and others as the phantom vicegerents of Allah, when Allah is Omnipresent, needs no partners and never had need of partners or of man.

1400 years on and the Muslims are still unable or unwilling to produce a true meaning of the Quran, not even in Arabic, far less in some translation, so the teachings of the Quran seem to be lost in the mad rush for illusionary power and intellectual self-gratification and moronic awe among Muslims.


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